Modern Cabinet Furniture?

Contemporary furniture is defined as pieces of furniture that are belonging to the same period of time. Meaning that contemporary furniture that was designed in the sixties was furniture that was modern and fitted with the design styles for that era (the sixties). So, when people talk of contemporary furniture or on trend kitchens, it may mean modern furniture of today or modern furniture from a time in the past. Confusing, isn’t it. However, a sixties contemporary piece of furniture may still look modern in today’s environment, its all about personal judgement and style.

How Did Contemporary Furniture, Become?

Contemporary furniture evolved in the 20th century. Furniture back then was more about intricate patterns and carvings, where pieces were made to dominate a room. Designers of furniture then began to design for functionality rather than splendour. Focusing more on simplified designs that enhanced a room and at the same time could be used in a more functional role.

Contemporary Furniture & The Environment

Once the contemporary furniture movement picked up pace, it changed how designers and consumers thought about furniture and furnishing room interiors. It also changed the way materials are used in the creation of contemporary furniture. You could call early contemporary designers the first eco-friendly manufacturers. Today, the issue still remains, much is made of the materials that are used to help create interior furnishings. Mainstream furnishing giants like Ikea, who mass-produce, flat-packed, contemporary ranges are forever making statements to defend that they are environmentally friendly. Such is the movement towards greener issues. Consumer awareness of how a product was made has placed environmental issues at the very heart of modern contemporary furniture pieces.

Then finally, is the environment that the furniture will be part of. Personal taste is a big part on how we furnish the interiors of our homes and workplaces. Many various styles exist, however, minimalist is probably the most fashionable in today’s environment. Remember, contemporary furniture is more about an individuals choice and taste, where customisation rules supreme and the furniture compliments the room within which it is placed.

Simplistic, elegant and organic are three words that I would form in any sentence to help describe what modern furniture design is to a person. Of course, when it comes to writing about modern furniture, words never quite do it justice. There is only one way to truly connect with these design pieces and that is through visual participation. Modern furniture design is forever evolving and can create powerful emotions between a piece and a person. It is this connection, that is the hardest thing to explain in written words.

Much like the way artists move people with their canvas creations, thus modern furniture design also moves. It can be from humorous, novelty chairs to sleek and elegant dining tables. Materials also play a part in the creation of modern furniture design. Recycled plastics, traditional wood, chrome and fabrics bring these creative masterpieces to life.

Our featured modern furniture design products today are the characteristic novelty chairs. UK Contemporary Furniture love these quirky, yet functional, novelty chairs, designed to blend with any personality.