Weirdest Looking Furniture in the World

Looking for the something special, exciting, different for your office, home or even bedroom. Well we were, and decided that the internet always surprises ourself when on exploration for new modern furniture stories and yet again, it didn’t dissapoint. Here are a few of out findings which we thought was suitable to publish (the ones that got left on the cutting-room floor, well even weird was too kind a word for them.) Hope you like, our weirdest furniture collection…

Big Maoi, Tissue Dispenser : I really am at a lost for words for this, perhaps once you see the price you’ll see the designer was not to be sneezed at for creating this piece.

Black Panther : this is just shouting, sorry growling, out for all those alpha males that this is the sofa for them… also an ideal way for keeping the kids out of your favourite room.

Roma : want to feel like an Emperor this is the trade furniture for you, Gladiators get ready, however, the only thumb up or down you’ll be doing is on the remote control.

The Cardboard Box : someone paid £600 for this piece, at first glance it looks like cardboard boxes, it is actually soft foam to be used as seating or footstools. Bet the shop that sold this had big windows.

4 legs : this chair is perfect for the bachelor who ‘thinks’ he has everything. When in reality all he has is a very big impression of himself.

The Cowboy Boot : Ride’em cowboy. Ideal for eating your favourite Spaghetti Western in. Suitable for all dodgy tradesmen.