Suitable Bathroom Furniture

It has to be said that when people start decorationg their homes, they normally concentrate on doing the living room and kitchen first, followed by the bedrooms then last of all comes the humble bathroom. Tiles, wood panelling, slate or wooden floors and a host of halogen lighting can all add the desired effect to this traditionally small room.

The contents of your bathroom normally consist of a bath/shower, toilet, basin and not a lot of room for anything else, however, clever use of lighting, mirrors and suitable furniture can give the illusion of space – making this usually small room seem much larger.

When it comes to bathroom furniture use light or natural colours, also try using furniture that runs vertically rather than bulky furniture this again will give the illusion of space. One of the best pieces of furniture that ticks all the boxes is the Oak Tall Bathroom Unit, this solid oak unit will fit ideally into any bathroom – no matter the size.