Single or Double Duvet Cover Sets and Pillows

You’ve bought a new bed. It feels divine to lie on and you’re looking forward to long nights of great quality sleep. No doubt, you have thought about the lazy Sunday mornings to come. Have you thought clearly and carefully about your bedding?

So Which Type of Duvet Cover Should I Go For?

We recommend that whichever single or double duvet covers you choose, it should contain Goose down duvet. It has been used as part of bedding since its creation. Before central heating, we had no synthethics and fires couldn’t last all night so we relied on natural substances. We still use goose down as a natural filler for duvets today due to its quality properties:

– Great for temperature regulation: Good quality Hungarian Goose down will help you to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It will last: Unlike cheap synthetics, it will remain fully functional for many years. You won’t need to buy another duvet every 3-4 years, as it can last for 20 years, making it very cost effective.

– Goose down keeps its body: Unlike duvets and pillows, which tend to lose their function when they lose their body, getting thinner and less effective, goose down keeps its body no matter how much it is stressed.

Do You Recommend A Certain Type Of Pillow?

We do indeed! Goose feather filled pillows is our highest recommendation. This is why it is used in pillows, to keep you cool at night. Feather has some great properties to give you that quality comfort:

Keeps its shape: The problem with cheap synthetic pillows is that they get flat over time. You can’t plump or shape them in the way you can with feather.

Good for your posture: Their stability and firm shape is better for your neck and back as its easier to get into a comfortable position

Great life cycle: Like down, your pillows will last for many years, maintaining quality and comfort

Goose Feather and Down Pillows

Often, suppliers will mix substances in pillows so that you get the best of both worlds. A blend of good quality feather and down will give you the insulation of down and the weight and sturdiness of feather. Both are natural products and therefore better for the environment than the cheaper synthetics. When buying pillows and duvets, you get what you pay for. Make sure you get the best quality sleep you can for your money and you will have many years of happy and comfortable sleep.

Bedding Suggestions

Your needs will be different depending on the season. A good pillow blend of feather and down will be ideal all the year round. It will warm you up in the winter and keep you cool in the warmer months. Everybody loves the cold side of the pillow after all.

When it comes to your duvet, you need to pay attention to the tog rating. A lower tog is lighter and therefore better for the summer (typically 4.5). The higher the tog, the denser the material and the warmer it will keep you. The quality of the filling will also make a difference, so don’t go by the tog rating alone.

We recommend getting two duvets – one for each season, and possibly a third for those volatile spring and autumn nights.