Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

What are Memory Foam Mattress Toppers and why are they useful? You’ve probably asked yourself these questions already, but maybe still feel a little confused. Memory foam mattress toppers, have a number of functions and uses that can help improve your quality of sleep. Here, we provide an essential guide to our mattress toppers so you can understand why you need one too.

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

A dual layer mattress topper is an extra layer that goes on top of your existing mattress. The padding provides comfort for your body and aids sleep. However, not all selected lines of soft mattress toppers are created equal. There is great variation in quality, anti allergy and the expensive furniture ranges are not always the best for you. It is essential that you choose the right king size mattress topper based on the preferred firm-soft ratio and the filling quality – just as you would a mattress and your selected bedding.

From our own king size range, we recommend a king size memory foam mattress topper above all others. We ensure that duck feather duvet covers we stock complement the bed linen we supply, ensuring quality of service and the right fit. Here are five reasons why you too need a deluxe mattress topper and how they will benefit you.

Five Reasons You Need a Memory Foam Mattress Topper:

Number 1: Additional Comfort

Comfort is essential for a good night’s sleep. Quality and quantity of sleep is often largely a result of how comfortable we feel, although there are other factors too (heat, sleeping position, what we ate and drank). What is clear is that an old or poor quality mattress enhancer can seriously affect our sleep patterns and reduce performance the next day. Say goodbye to sleeping through the alarm and a grumpy Monday morning.
Number 2: Easier to Turn

Good quality mattresses need turning regularly to keep the filler evenly distributed. The problem is that they are bulky and heavy. Even a young and strong man will struggle to turn a double or king size mattress on his own. Mattress toppers are lighter because they are thinner and take the bulk of the body weight, meaning less turning required for the mattress. Just turn the memory foam topper instead, you’ll find it easier.
Number 3: Mattress Protector Extends Mattress Life

In the last point, we mentioned the less need to turn the mattress when you use a memory foam mattress topper. This is one way in which a king size mattress topper extends the life of a mattress. Perspiration, dead skin and bacteria result from contact where only a thin sheet separates you from the mattress. Pillow Protectors and Mattress toppers are cheaper and prolong the life of your high quality mattress. You will also reduce the damage done by bedbugs on kids bedding.
Number 4: Bedroom furniture Hygiene

As mentioned above, bacteria and bed bugs are a fact of life. We can’t get away from them and we spend a third of our life in bed. It is understandable that we want to protect what is, essentially, an asset from damage and make them as healthy as possible. Buying a memory foam mattress topper  is ideal for your guest beds too. A bed that feels clean is better for the health of your guests and for you.
Number 5: Gift Cards – Saves You Money

A quality memory foam mattress topper prolongs the life of your bedroom furniture or nursery furniture. It turns a poor or average mattress into something bearable to sleep on. It makes a good bed feel great and a great bed feel positively regal. If you can’t afford a new super king mattress, but it is clearly coming to the end of its life, investing in a waterproof mattress topper will extend its life and improve its quality at the same time while saving you money on your furniture sets.

Choice of Home Furniture Colour Schemes

Some customers require a different colour scheme every season for their soft furnishings while some prefer to have the same all the year round. Whichever you prefer, we have the perfect products for you. You can just as easily get darker and colder colours in the summer as in the winter. Equally, you can also get summer colours for 12 months of the year. As our customers are not limited by their colour schemes, we are not limited by the demands of the season.

Cushions home accessories

Love them or hate them, cushions are not just for the living room sofa. They can make a bed look warm, inviting and comfortable. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle surrounded by a mountain of softness? Cushions can be great support when sat up in bed reading the morning newspaper with a cup of coffee. They have been in fashion since big hotel brands started the trend, and now they are making their way to home bedrooms.


No bedroom is complete without pillows, but it’s important to get the right type(s) and the right number. Whether you like them firm and small or thick and bouncy, or prefer one or a whole stack, it is unfortunate that we don’t pay enough attention to our pillow needs. Choices today include memory foam that shape to your head, and a choice of natural substances and synthetics. This is nearly always a matter of personal choice but some people need certain types for medical reasons.

Kids Bedding: Vibrant Shades

Whether you and they prefer bright or muted colours, this year’s trend is for vibrant and full-bodied shades of every available colour. You’ll see this in Littens children’s bedding. That means duck egg and aqua in the blue-green range, shades of banana in the yellow range and silver on the grey scale. These are the types of colour that shout “spring” in any setting. It’s even more important to deliver these soft furnishing colours in children’s bedrooms to complement the energy of the very young.

Pattern Trend: Dots

Children want simple patterns when they are out of the phase of wanting their favourite comic book character(s). Luckily, 2017 is the year when patterns in all soft furnishings get simpler. There is something quite innocent and childlike about bright colours and simple dots. It’s been a mainstay of Kath Kidston and other trendy ceramics for years, but now it has made its way into our soft furnishings. You’ll find white dots on baby blue, red and purple dots on white backgrounds, and all the shades between trending this spring.

Complementing the Décor

Children are usually quite indifferent to interior design, but they do like a room to look and feel cosy. That’s why there is a big push this year of soft furnishings for Littens children’s bedding to complement the room’s décor. That doesn’t mean the colours should be uniform – too much of the same colour can be an eyesore. What you want is for your child to feel at home in his or her own living space. Use contrasting and complementary colours and shades when choosing bedding.

Design: Characters

Young children especially love seeing their favourite characters in their bedding. As you look through the Littens children’s bedding range, you will notice strong trends again this year. Star Wars is very much at the forefront of the public eye now with two new films released in the last couple of years and the next film due later in 2017. You’ll find our own range of Star Wars bedding for children, but also Thomas the Tank Engine, The Secret Life of Pets, Lego, Peppa Pig, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney, and Marvel.

Design: Animal Prints

Children love a visit to a farm, zoo or woodland where they might spot some wildlife. It’s a well-known fact that children love animals. As well as large range of famous TV and film characters, you’ll see that Littens children’s bedding has a number of choices with animal print. Whether it’s Elephants on Parade, British wildlife or simple stylised owls, we also cater to your children’s love of animals. We even have a dinosaur bedding set.

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