Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper is a cushioning layer you can place on the surface of the mattress. You use it provide protection, added comfort and softness. There are different kinds of mattress toppers. Some of them you need to tuck beneath the mattress’s top sheets. Some you can just lay on the mattress freely.

Usually, mattress toppers are available in all the different mattress sizes. Toppers, however, often has a bit smaller size than the actual size of the mattress. This way, the topper can fit perfectly and more easily beneath the mattress’s top sheet. As mentioned before, there are different kinds of mattress topper available and one of the most common is the memory foam mattress topper.

Memory Foam

Also called as viscoelastic polyfoam, memory foam is polyurethane-based foam. This foam’s design allows it to respond whenever temperature changes. When the foam touches body heat, the foam actually softens. As its name suggests, this foam memorizes your body that allows it to conform to your figure. When it is not in contact with body heat anymore, it goes back to the foam’s original shape.

Types of Memory Foam Topper

This is one of the most popular types of foam. It is available in wide array of designs and sizes from where you can choose the best foam. Besides the standard memory foam, some memory foam mattress toppers also include specialty foams. This type of foam comes infused with bamboo, gels and many others, which offer varying features.

When buying a memory foam topper, you need to think about a number of things. These include the shape, thickness, firmness and density of the topper. These four affects how comfortable and durable your topper is. It will help you choose the best type of memory foam topper that will make your sleep comfortable.

Shape, Thickness, Firmness, and Density

You will notice that most toppers feature a flat shape. However, there are also toppers in a convoluted shape similar to that of an egg-crate topper. In terms of thickness, the usual memory foam toppers are often around 1 to 4-inches thick. As for the firmness, the toppers range from soft to a medium firmness. The topper’s firmness relates to its thickness.

On that note, the thinnest toppers are usually medium firm. The thickest models, on the other hand, can be soft or extra soft in firmness. For sleepers who want a cushy bed, the best choice is a topper with plush or soft firmness. Another factor that affects the quality of a memory foam topper is the density.  This refers to the foam’s overall weight.

Average memory foams have a weight of around 20 to 30 pounds. Density is important if you are looking for a topper that will give you as much support. The more support you want in your sleep, then the more density you need. If you only need a bit of an added support, then just two pounds of density is probably already enough for pain relief.

Why Use Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

There are many reasons why to use memory foam toppers. It has a list of great benefits including its conforming quality and relief from pressure. It can help you have a supportive sleeping surface. This can help align the spine as well as alleviate pressure on areas such as neck, shoulders and the lower back. Another advantage of this topper is its durability.

This type of topper can ideally perform for up to 4 years before it depreciates. More than these, there are the benefits of dual firmness, motion isolation, and the fact it is not noisy. If your partner keeps moving and wakes you up, this topper is a great help. It isolates motion and is silent no matter your weight so you can sleep well all night.