Dining tables and chairs

With the start of a New Year a lot of us will be starting it with new rules and regulations and one may be to eat as a family around a dining table – no more eating off your lap and watching TV. Sitting around a dinner table gives us a sense of family belonging. But what if you don’t have a dining room table? How do you start to look for one that will suit your preferred needs?

Dinner tables come in many sizes, colours and styles and they can be used for a variety of purposes from helping the kids with their homework, to the traditional Sunday roast to hosting dinner parties. Even when they are not in use they can become a centre piece to your room with a nice vase and some freshly, picked flowers.

When looking for a dining table the first thing to do is to find out what space you have available. No point in buying one that seats 6 people when you have limited space and the dining chairs will not fit.

Remember, when choosing a dining room table do not compromise on quality, purchase a solid wood table and insist on one which is not made using veneers?