Sci-Fi Furniture

When we were kids we would watch, religiously, programs like Joe 90, Space 1999 and The Jetson’s, thinking that was what the future would hold for us. Luckily, looking back at the badly designed sets, it has not turned out like that.

But what about futuristic furniture? Designers have been looking at the above-mentioned programs for years (OK, perhaps not Joe 90 nor The Jetsons) and have been dreaming-up some fantastic designs for our extraterrestrial homes.

Some current modern furniture designs which would not look out of place in our ‘space age’ homes are :

1. This bar designed by Zaha Hadid would not look out of place in a set of Star Wars or Star Trek, all you need is some cool bar stools to go along with it.

space age bar

2. Once you have your drink you can place it on this UFO coffee table, ideal for the trekkies among us.


3. The Casalino Chair designed by Alexander Begge will give that “we are not alone” feel to any party or family get-to-gether.

chairs No 3

4. The space station chandelier, just look at this light and imaging you are high up in space, made in chrome and measuring 2feet across this light will sweep your imagination ‘light years’ away.

sputnik chandilier

There are many great designers that have imagined what the future might bring, the above sci-fi furniture pieces are only a few of many, many, futuristic designs available today.

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2 Responses to Sci-Fi Furniture

  1. Barina Craft says:

    Tried to roughly scale the “home bar” assuming the bar stools are spaced at 30 inches. Looks like it is north of 20 feet long. Nice design.

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