Solar Powered WiFi Benches

City Centre’s could become ever more attractive to the modern social shopper. As many high street stores struggle to compete against the buying power of online shopping, this may be a solution that brings the best of two worlds together. The Solar Powered WiFi Bench is more than just a modern design concept bench as its name suggests.

The thin film solar battery lights up the bench at night and also provides WiFi access. Peple can use their laptops, palmtops or mobile phones and connect to the web. Share their shopping plans or buys on their favourite social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

Apart from shopping centres in busy cities or large towns, you could hook up the WiFi Bench at Universities or Colleges, parks or even in and around large venues such as football stadiums, exhibition centres. Finally, the last great thing about the Solar Powered WiFi Bench that we like is that it is made from recycled plastic and aluminium making it the ultimate eco-friendly bench.

Our only real worry, about the bench, would be how it copes with our urban skateboarders and roller bladers. Just how much grinding does it take to break a solar panel ?





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  1. Michael says:

    What about a Bench that has a spot for an Ad.

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