Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper is a cushioning layer you can place on the surface of the mattress. You use it provide protection, added comfort and softness. There are different kinds of mattress toppers. Some of them you need to tuck beneath the mattress’s top sheets. Some you can just lay on the mattress freely.

Usually, mattress toppers are available in all the different mattress sizes. Toppers, however, often has a bit smaller size than the actual size of the mattress. This way, the topper can fit perfectly and more easily beneath the mattress’s top sheet. As mentioned before, there are different kinds of mattress topper available and one of the most common is the memory foam mattress topper.

Memory Foam

Also called as viscoelastic polyfoam, memory foam is polyurethane-based foam. This foam’s design allows it to respond whenever temperature changes. When the foam touches body heat, the foam actually softens. As its name suggests, this foam memorizes your body that allows it to conform to your figure. When it is not in contact with body heat anymore, it goes back to the foam’s original shape.

Types of Memory Foam Topper

This is one of the most popular types of foam. It is available in wide array of designs and sizes from where you can choose the best foam. Besides the standard memory foam, some memory foam mattress toppers also include specialty foams. This type of foam comes infused with bamboo, gels and many others, which offer varying features.

When buying a memory foam topper, you need to think about a number of things. These include the shape, thickness, firmness and density of the topper. These four affects how comfortable and durable your topper is. It will help you choose the best type of memory foam topper that will make your sleep comfortable.

Shape, Thickness, Firmness, and Density

You will notice that most toppers feature a flat shape. However, there are also toppers in a convoluted shape similar to that of an egg-crate topper. In terms of thickness, the usual memory foam toppers are often around 1 to 4-inches thick. As for the firmness, the toppers range from soft to a medium firmness. The topper’s firmness relates to its thickness.

On that note, the thinnest toppers are usually medium firm. The thickest models, on the other hand, can be soft or extra soft in firmness. For sleepers who want a cushy bed, the best choice is a topper with plush or soft firmness. Another factor that affects the quality of a memory foam topper is the density.  This refers to the foam’s overall weight.

Average memory foams have a weight of around 20 to 30 pounds. Density is important if you are looking for a topper that will give you as much support. The more support you want in your sleep, then the more density you need. If you only need a bit of an added support, then just two pounds of density is probably already enough for pain relief.

Why Use Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

There are many reasons why to use memory foam toppers. It has a list of great benefits including its conforming quality and relief from pressure. It can help you have a supportive sleeping surface. This can help align the spine as well as alleviate pressure on areas such as neck, shoulders and the lower back. Another advantage of this topper is its durability.

This type of topper can ideally perform for up to 4 years before it depreciates. More than these, there are the benefits of dual firmness, motion isolation, and the fact it is not noisy. If your partner keeps moving and wakes you up, this topper is a great help. It isolates motion and is silent no matter your weight so you can sleep well all night.

Single or Double Duvet Cover Sets and Pillows

You’ve bought a new bed. It feels divine to lie on and you’re looking forward to long nights of great quality sleep. No doubt, you have thought about the lazy Sunday mornings to come. Have you thought clearly and carefully about your bedding?

So Which Type of Duvet Cover Should I Go For?

We recommend that whichever single or double duvet covers you choose, it should contain Goose down duvet. It has been used as part of bedding since its creation. Before central heating, we had no synthethics and fires couldn’t last all night so we relied on natural substances. We still use goose down as a natural filler for duvets today due to its quality properties:

– Great for temperature regulation: Good quality Hungarian Goose down will help you to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It will last: Unlike cheap synthetics, it will remain fully functional for many years. You won’t need to buy another duvet every 3-4 years, as it can last for 20 years, making it very cost effective.

– Goose down keeps its body: Unlike duvets and pillows, which tend to lose their function when they lose their body, getting thinner and less effective, goose down keeps its body no matter how much it is stressed.

Do You Recommend A Certain Type Of Pillow?

We do indeed! Goose feather filled pillows is our highest recommendation. This is why it is used in pillows, to keep you cool at night. Feather has some great properties to give you that quality comfort:

Keeps its shape: The problem with cheap synthetic pillows is that they get flat over time. You can’t plump or shape them in the way you can with feather.

Good for your posture: Their stability and firm shape is better for your neck and back as its easier to get into a comfortable position

Great life cycle: Like down, your pillows will last for many years, maintaining quality and comfort

Goose Feather and Down Pillows

Often, suppliers will mix substances in pillows so that you get the best of both worlds. A blend of good quality feather and down will give you the insulation of down and the weight and sturdiness of feather. Both are natural products and therefore better for the environment than the cheaper synthetics. When buying pillows and duvets, you get what you pay for. Make sure you get the best quality sleep you can for your money and you will have many years of happy and comfortable sleep.

Bedding Suggestions

Your needs will be different depending on the season. A good pillow blend of feather and down will be ideal all the year round. It will warm you up in the winter and keep you cool in the warmer months. Everybody loves the cold side of the pillow after all.

When it comes to your duvet, you need to pay attention to the tog rating. A lower tog is lighter and therefore better for the summer (typically 4.5). The higher the tog, the denser the material and the warmer it will keep you. The quality of the filling will also make a difference, so don’t go by the tog rating alone.

We recommend getting two duvets – one for each season, and possibly a third for those volatile spring and autumn nights.

Modern Cabinet Furniture?

Contemporary furniture is defined as pieces of furniture that are belonging to the same period of time. Meaning that contemporary furniture that was designed in the sixties was furniture that was modern and fitted with the design styles for that era (the sixties). So, when people talk of contemporary furniture or on trend kitchens, it may mean modern furniture of today or modern furniture from a time in the past. Confusing, isn’t it. However, a sixties contemporary piece of furniture may still look modern in today’s environment, its all about personal judgement and style.

How Did Contemporary Furniture, Become?

Contemporary furniture evolved in the 20th century. Furniture back then was more about intricate patterns and carvings, where pieces were made to dominate a room. Designers of furniture then began to design for functionality rather than splendour. Focusing more on simplified designs that enhanced a room and at the same time could be used in a more functional role.

Contemporary Furniture & The Environment

Once the contemporary furniture movement picked up pace, it changed how designers and consumers thought about furniture and furnishing room interiors. It also changed the way materials are used in the creation of contemporary furniture. You could call early contemporary designers the first eco-friendly manufacturers. Today, the issue still remains, much is made of the materials that are used to help create interior furnishings. Mainstream furnishing giants like Ikea, who mass-produce, flat-packed, contemporary ranges are forever making statements to defend that they are environmentally friendly. Such is the movement towards greener issues. Consumer awareness of how a product was made has placed environmental issues at the very heart of modern contemporary furniture pieces.

Then finally, is the environment that the furniture will be part of. Personal taste is a big part on how we furnish the interiors of our homes and workplaces. Many various styles exist, however, minimalist is probably the most fashionable in today’s environment. Remember, contemporary furniture is more about an individuals choice and taste, where customisation rules supreme and the furniture compliments the room within which it is placed.

Simplistic, elegant and organic are three words that I would form in any sentence to help describe what modern furniture design is to a person. Of course, when it comes to writing about modern furniture, words never quite do it justice. There is only one way to truly connect with these design pieces and that is through visual participation. Modern furniture design is forever evolving and can create powerful emotions between a piece and a person. It is this connection, that is the hardest thing to explain in written words.

Much like the way artists move people with their canvas creations, thus modern furniture design also moves. It can be from humorous, novelty chairs to sleek and elegant dining tables. Materials also play a part in the creation of modern furniture design. Recycled plastics, traditional wood, chrome and fabrics bring these creative masterpieces to life.

Our featured modern furniture design products today are the characteristic novelty chairs. UK Contemporary Furniture love these quirky, yet functional, novelty chairs, designed to blend with any personality.

contemporary front doors with sidelights

modern external doors
What does your door say about you? Does your front exterior door look inviting and stylish or are you more of a stay well away from my abode type person. Y’see, doors do communicate a message to those who live outside your habitual domain. I’m not meaning the small stickers, either, telling cold-calling salesmen to stay well away. There are very many styles of doors of which to choose to help fit in with your neighbourhood environment.

From slick Italian wooden finished doors to decorative glass doors to sliding double doors that just drip with design elegance. We have featured a few modern styles, to help you see the benifits of fitting a contemporary door to your house. Please use the comments to add any favourites of your own.

Home Study Furniture

With the new school term about to start, many parents will be giving a big sigh of relief as they watch their little ones walk out the door and head towards the school gates for the first time in almost seven weeks. As parents, we always try to encourage our kids to do well academically and this often means study time at home. Well, as parents, we all know trying to get your kids to study at home is easier said than done – social networking sites, X-Boxes, Playstations and Wii games consoles can often take precedence over school study time.

One of the best ways to help encourage your kids to study is to have a little area that is totally dedicated for that purpose, here at UK Contemporary Furniture we have a wide range of modern home office furniture and chairs that will fit into any study/work room making sure that there is no distractions while your children are hard studying.

Designer TV Stands Designed To Stand Out

Over the last few years, the cost of high definition televisions has dropped dramatically, making them more appealing and affordable to everyone. One of the discussions/fallouts that most couples have when selecting their new flat screen TV, apart from the size issue, will be where to place it once they get it home. Some will prefer it hanging on the living room or bedroom wall, while others believe that having it rest on a television stand is the more appealing look.

It used to be, that when we thought of entertainment stands, we conjured up images of large, solid, stiff clumps of varnished wood that unsightly dominated the corner of your living room. Thankfully, in recent times, designers and manufactures have transformed the look of the humble tv stand creating stunning design pieces made from both modern and traditional materials. In many homes in Britain the television is still the centre piece or vocal point of a room so it is fitting that the furniture which supports it should also have that contemporary, designer feel to it as well.

Oak Furniture

One of the best furniture materials is oak; this wood has been used for centuries and has lasted the tests of time so that in itself tell’s us something. Did you know that it takes an oak tree about 150 years to reach maturity? And with around 400 species it’s not surprising that it comes in so many different shades? This wood often has a tight grain giving it a beautiful effect and with the red or white shade it will compliment any home.

If your looking for a piece of oak furniture that will compliment your taste (no matter, what that is) then look no further than the Large Fama Sideboard this stunning piece will sit perfectly in any living room, dining room or even your kitchen. In today’s society, quality is everything, and you get what you pay for, well this is the exception, this is an exceptional piece and an exceptional price.

Oak Furniture the Perfect Focal Point

When it comes to choosing contemporary furniture for your home or office, many residents are starting to realise the true beauty of Solid Oak Furniture. As well as it’s natural texture and tone, oak furniture will give it’s owners many years of pleasure, which is why solid oak is now one of the most popular materials people choose when it comes to redecorating their homes.

One of the reasons people choose oak furniture is due to the way the grain runs through the wood, giving each piece a unique finish thus making each design special. That alone is why oak furniture has the ability to turn an ordinary room into something warm, inviting and special. People that purchase oak furniture understandably want it to be the focal point in their new room.

If you’re looking to turn your living room, dinning room, bedroom or even home office into somewhere special then have a look through our online catalogue, we’re bound to have that special piece you desire at a cost you can afford.

Mattress Toppers Memory Foam

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is, and it starts with your bed. It might sound surprising, but after a long day on your feet, your bed needs to offer the same support at night as your favorite shoes during the day. A good mattress is vital to providing comfort, but even the best can naturally wear and tear over time. That doesn’t mean you have to throw yours out, however – with a foam mattress topper, you can easily revamp a weary mattress. If your mattress feels a little lumpy these days, or doesn’t quite offer the support it once did, then a bed topper is for you. Bed toppers (or foam mattress toppers / mattress protector) are added to an existing mattress to provide a layer of comfort and protection, giving it that brand-new feeling. If you’re not ready to replace your current mattress, a foam bed topper saves you from investing in an entirely new one, which can often be inconvenient and costly.

Dining tables and chairs

With the start of a New Year a lot of us will be starting it with new rules and regulations and one may be to eat as a family around a dining table – no more eating off your lap and watching TV. Sitting around a dinner table gives us a sense of family belonging. But what if you don’t have a dining room table? How do you start to look for one that will suit your preferred needs?

Dinner tables come in many sizes, colours and styles and they can be used for a variety of purposes from helping the kids with their homework, to the traditional Sunday roast to hosting dinner parties. Even when they are not in use they can become a centre piece to your room with a nice vase and some freshly, picked flowers.

When looking for a dining table the first thing to do is to find out what space you have available. No point in buying one that seats 6 people when you have limited space and the dining chairs will not fit.

Remember, when choosing a dining room table do not compromise on quality, purchase a solid wood table and insist on one which is not made using veneers?

Garden Party Furniture

What is about the sight of the Sun that makes all a lot more friendly, people walking down the street, smiling even stopping and taking the time to chat, ”isn’t it a lovely day” can be heard all over the high street. As the weather begins to warm up many residents will hopefully be planning the traditional summer BBQ parties in their gardens.

After the cold depressing winter months there is nothing more relaxing (and better) than sitting in the garden enjoying your favourite tipple in the hot evening sun. As the days get longer and hotter, you will see people in their gardens cutting grass, pruning shrubs and privets, and then there is the smell of BBQ food meandering through the air.

Garden parties are great, friends, neighbours and relations all enjoying each others company while swapping stories – mostly about how cold the weather has been. As with all parties there is often a lack of places to sit, and most end up standing in the house (normally your kitchen). However, be different, this year by purchasing the Figure Hugger Bar Stool you will ensure that all your guests will be comfortable whether they are sitting outdoors or indoors.

Contemporary Furniture | Modern Living Room Furniture

Contemporary furniture is all about finding that specific style that speaks of who you are. Unlike more traditional furniture, which is normally confined to a certain set of styles, fabrics, and colours, contemporary furniture can be anything you want it to be. That’s why it’s so important when shopping for contemporary furniture to find a company offering as many choices as possible. At UKCF, that’s exactly what we do. We are one of the UK’s leading online contemporary furniture sites featuring some of the best names in the industry.

Designer Furniture

One of our favourites is Arne Jacobsen, creator of the Egg chair, Ant chair, and Swan chair. We are also partial to the creations of Charles and Ray Eames, but we have many more names to choose from among a product list containing thousands of items. When you shop with us, choice is one word you’ll have to get used to. We work with furniture manufacturers from all over the world to bring you the best pieces we can find. Whether you’re looking for designer furniture for the bedroom, dining room, or living room, you’ll find something you like among our many and varied offerings.

Consider the Carnaby Tub Chair, for example. This elegant piece presents an ultra-modern look without being gaudy or ostentatious. It combines a moulded fibre glass frame, a beautifully finished chrome base, and a very stylish PVC cover to add class to any living room or study. Paired with the right end table, the Carnaby becomes a visual masterpiece.

Modern Furniture

A big part of modern furniture is designs and colours that capture the imagination. For example, our Luciana coffee table presents a rectangular loop design that is both stylish and whimsical at the same time. It helps to create a unique look in your living room that says anything but old and stuffy. The Luciana is an oak veneer table with an attractive white or wood grain finish and contemporary steel feet. It’s probably unlike any coffee table you’ve ever seen before.

Our selection of oak furniture is available for every room in your home or office. We invite you to spend a few minutes and take a look around. We are proud to offer you not only the highest quality contemporary furniture, but also an online environment which lets you shop easily from your own home. That means you shop at a pace determined by your preferences rather than those of the salesman. When you decide you’re ready to order our secure online platform will guide you through the entire process. We accept all major credit cards and are ready to ship your order quickly through our vast network of couriers.

Suitable Bathroom Furniture

It has to be said that when people start decorationg their homes, they normally concentrate on doing the living room and kitchen first, followed by the bedrooms then last of all comes the humble bathroom. Tiles, wood panelling, slate or wooden floors and a host of halogen lighting can all add the desired effect to this traditionally small room.

The contents of your bathroom normally consist of a bath/shower, toilet, basin and not a lot of room for anything else, however, clever use of lighting, mirrors and suitable furniture can give the illusion of space – making this usually small room seem much larger.

When it comes to bathroom furniture use light or natural colours, also try using furniture that runs vertically rather than bulky furniture this again will give the illusion of space. One of the best pieces of furniture that ticks all the boxes is the Oak Tall Bathroom Unit, this solid oak unit will fit ideally into any bathroom – no matter the size.

Decorate The Kids’ Room

Anyone who has attempted to redesign their home will tell you that decorating the kids’ rooms often gives them the hardest time. As not everyone has the same modern furniture design aspirations and ideas as yourself, most notably the kids themselves.

This will undoubtebly lead to squabbles which inturn leads to arguments that eventually lead to tears and me heading out the door and down the pub for some peace and quiet.

Now, we all know kids try to act older than they already are, so choosing the right décor may prove difficult, if you get it right you’ll be the hero (for a bit, anyway) but getting it wrong and you’ll probably spend more time down the pub than you originally planned.

Office Furniture Working From Home

It has to be the dream of most working people, leaving the the office/factory for the last time, saying goodbye to the daily routine of working for someone else and starting your own business. The immense sense of pride as leave your office desk behind or walk out the factory gates and into your new life as a ‘self employed’ business person.

You have the idea, the business plan and loads of enthusiasm now you just have to find somewhere to start your empire from. Many a small business have started from people’s front rooms, garages and even garden sheds. So, what’s stopping you from doing the same? Once you have cleared a space you just need a few essential pieces of office furniture which will keep your computer safe, keep your recites safe and a place for a few photos of the kids, or the old work place (if you ever need stimulation to keep going).

You do not have to spend thousands on your work place furniture, after all, you’re no Bill Gates (well not yet).

When people have had enough of working for someone else they decide that now is the perfect time to expand on their own knowledge and start in business for themselves. These are exciting, apprehensive and worrying times as they take their first steps to financial independence.

Starting your own business and finding suitable premises seem to be a big stumbling block. Affordability and locality of office space normally forces many budding entrepreneurs to decide that they’ll have an office based in their own home.

This is often the best compromise, although trying to fit home office furniture into your home can often be a difficult task in itself. Since many homes are already furnished, choosing a room to suit your needs can become frustrating – plus you’ll have to also contend with the everyday distractions that working from home businesses come up against. Still, like most things in life, if you have the will to succeed, these obstacles can be overcome in time.

Perfect Coffee Table Centrepieces

When it comes to decorating your living room many people now consider the humble coffee table as the perfect centrepiece for their room. These can be used for either decorative purposes or for simply placing your tea, coffee mugs, glasses or snacks on while entertaining. Design tastes of modern furniture has coffee tables come to life in many shapes, sizes and colours enabling then to fit easily into any décor.

With the introduction of online buying, people are unable to have that ‘touchy, feely’ experience when shopping online. So, picking your perfect coffee table must rely on other instincts when it comes to choosing your new coffee table. Here are several questions that you have to ask yourself when browsing online:

What colour do you require and will it fit in with the rest of your furniture.
What shape do you require, contemporary coffee tables now come in various shapes.
What height, are you going to be using it for decoration or for entertaining.

Buying Furniture Online

Purchasing furniture has never been so easy. If you wish to purchase a special piece of furniture for your home you can simply sit at your dining room table, turn on the computer and browse away to your hearts content. Fact is, every day, millions of people look, click and buy online without any problems. However, as with every type of business, there are people out there that are only too happy to take your money and leave you without any goods.

When it comes to buying online people have to treat it with the same respect you would if you were in the actual shop. Looking for a proper secure site should be at the top of everyone’s mind when it comes to buying online. Some people might have a ‘top looking’ website but that doesn’t mean they are a legitimate company. Look and see where they are situated just because they hold a domain doesn’t mean they can be found in the United Kingdom. This is important if you have to contact the company or send anything back.

Here at UK Contemporary Furniture we endeavour to make our site as eye catching as possible as well as having competitive prices on all our modern furniture products.

Perfect Display Cabinets

People have always loved to collect rare and wonderful artefacts, however since the introduction of car boot sales and internet auction sites such as eBay, it is now much easier than ever before for anyone to start their own collection. People will collect anything of interest from matchbox toys to army medals, even china teacups to porcelain dolls. Hours upon hours are spent scouring the internet, walking miles round City back streets and wasted Sunday’s looting through barbaric car boot sales.

Having a hobby such as collecting items will soon consume every inch of space in their homes and it won’t be long before it is taken over and filling window sills, mantle pieces even cupboards. It’s about this time that decisions are reached and the need for a proper display cabinet is sought. But which type to purchase to show off all your best pieces tastefully.

UK Contemporary Furniture have a perfect range of display cabinets that will fit perfectly into any restricted space as well as any décor.

Winter Hugs From Your Novelty Chair

No one likes to feel the bite of the cold bitter winter weather, especially me. Sure, you get the smart people who try to make the bad weather a bit more bearable by wearing modern materials and waterproof jackets. But, no matter the clothing, unless it is really necessary to go out and face the wind and rain, I’m normally confined to the warmth and luxury of my own home.

During the winter, I normally love to sit in my home and listen to the rain bouncing of the roofs and windows. In some kind of a weird way, I find it has a therapeutic, even hypnotic, sound. As you sit there, all warm in your favourite chair, you might catch yourself drifting away to sunnier times and climates.

If you don’t have a favourite chair where you can just relax and dream of some foreign shore, then have a look at the Novelty Chairs from our modern furniture range. These chairs will ensure that as the rain bounces of your roof and the wind rattles the windows you’ll be ‘snug as a bug‘ as you dream of warmer times to come.

Specialised Contemporary Furniture Pieces

When people wish to redecorate their homes they can spend hours visiting many of the high street showrooms searching to find that perfect piece of furniture. If however, they they wish to find something more modern, or contemporary then they would have to visit a more specialised store often paying large amounts of money to purchase their prized piece.

Well, that was a few years ago, nowadays, due to the massive rise in the popularity of contemporary furniture these sought after, stylish pieces can be now be found closer than you think.

With the introduction of the internet and online buying, people now have the capability to view and purchase contemporary furniture in almost any shop, anywhere in the world. Here at UK Contemporary Furniture our online store has a vast range of modern furniture from dining room tables, coffee tables to contemporary home bars and even Massage Chairs, all ready for you to view and in the time it takes you to switch your computer on.